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Kitchen Organization Drink Organizer

Kitchen Organization Drink Organizer

The two bamboo wood trays are organic, original, and exclusive to only SimplePax  They are beautifully and artfully crafted. Each wooden tray is made of premium Vietnamese luong bamboo, which is stronger and denser compared to moso bamboo. Made from the heart of Vietnam, these Vietnamese bamboo trays show the unique and various darker shades of the wood.  The four silicone pads are under each tray for stability and countertop protection. 

Ways to use these bamboo trays...

#1) Are drink cups piling up around the house? Not sure whose drink is whose? No more guessing whose cup! Take back your kitchen countertop and cleaning time!  Each person is assigned a number on the drink organization tray and uses it as a daily spot for their own drink.  Use this counter drink organizer for less countertop mess, confusion, and cleaning.  The drink organization tray allows for each person's cup to be placed on one spot for the day.  One cup. One spot. All day.  

#2) Use these beautifully crafted bamboo boards as kitchen trays. Each tray holds four regular sized hand soaps, dish soaps, lotions, circular scrubbers, candles, and plants.  No more water slime under your kitchen or bathroom sink tray!  Water easily runs under and separated from the trays so that there is no accumulation for bacterial growth.  Water splashes are also easily absorbed into the bamboo wood trays.  They are the perfect and useful decor addition to any kitchen or bathroom.   

#3) These bamboo boards are also used for charcuterie boards.  These meat and cheese boards can be fitted as a regular sized serving board or together as one stunning extra long 33" charcuterie board for entertaining. 

Don't let creating a charcuterie intimidate you! These have numbers for easy creations. Meats on the odd numbers and cheeses on even numbers.  Place olives, nuts, fruit, and crackers in between the meat and cheeses.  And done!  It's that easy and simple, while looking beautiful and stunning.