Drink Markers

Drink Markers

DRINK MARKERS:  Identify each person's drink with a numbered drink marker!  No more guessing which drink is yours, either at home or while entertaining a party.  Drinks can now be identified with these modern drink markers, which are silicone and long lasting quality.  Each person gets a number for the day or night.  Unlike other drink markers, these are not a confusing color or odd design which leads to confusion for the guests.   

DAILY:  For families, the numbers can be given out according to birth order, which everyone will remember.  Also, to help family members not leave their drink cup all around the house, have them place their marked drinks onto the numbered drink tray, which is sold separately here.  Enjoy clean countertops, less confusion, and less dishes to wash.  Know which drink is yours.  Simple life.  Simple peace.  SimplePax. 

MOTIVATIONAL WATER BOTTLES: Use your favorite water bottles with times to drink according to your personal unique daily schedule, fill up favorite bottle, set drink markers for morning and afternoon hours, drink water at marked mornings hours, refill, drink water at marked afternoon hours.

~Use these drink markers alone or in addition to the drink organization trays. 

~Two sets of 12 are included in an order, making 24 drink marker bands total.  

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